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Privacy Policy

The users of First Law School products or services shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with the Terms of Service for First Law School Products and Services.

First Law School shall update the Terms of Service from time to time. The updated versions shall always remain available on our website. First Law School shall let its customers know about any changes to the Terms of Service.

The usage of First Law School shall be at all times:

  • For its intended purposes only.
  • For its legal, decent, honest and truthful ends only.

Security Policy

  • The username or password shall be the responsibility of the member, and if the same has become known by any unauthorised person, or is being used in an unauthorised way, please bring it to the notice of First Law School immediately.
  • Unauthorised copying, usage, publishing, adapting, synchronization and reproduction of First Law School material is strictly prohibited.
  • Any attempt to violate or circumvent any security measures put in place by First Law School or any service provider or making any unauthorized attempt to decrypt any copyrighted or protected material shall be dealt with severely.
  • First Law School’s products and services shall not be used to store, access, transmit, distribute, upload, download or knowingly or unknowingly receive objectionable material or to carry out objectionable activities.

Withdrawal of service

First Law School may suspend or bar access to any service, or disable any links in the website, or remove any website content without prior notice if it reasonably suspects there has been any violation of our Terms of Service, or if we are required so to do by any competent agency or any third party with a legitimate interest.

To determine compliance with these Terms of Service, First Law School may run manual or automatic systems.